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There are two versions of the R/C Themed Coloring Book! To get your hands on a copy of either or both of these, simply donate any financial amount (from $0.01 to $100+) via PayPal or credit card.

  1. The “Complete Edition” includes all 34 original drawings.
  2. The “Crawling and Rock Racing Edition” includes 11 themed drawings (but these are also included in the “Complete Edition”).

Once you finish the donation payment, click “return to Utah R/C”. Your browser will direct you to our download page where you will be able to download a PDF copy of the R/C Themed Coloring Books.

Step 1) Click Link Below to donate now
Step 2) Donate any financial amount
Step 3) Click the “Return to Utah R/C” button to download the coloring book.

You can also choose to send any PayPal (friends and family) amount to Chad@UtahRC.com, and we’ll email you back a PDF copy of the coloring book.

Created by Sheepish Animation

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Eric Higgins is the technical artist behind the creation of the digital drawing. He is the creator of Sheepish Animation. Check out his Facebook page and Blog.
Sheepish Animation

Sheepish Animation



This is how the up-and-coming coloring book pages are created using your photos:

  • Step 1) Find someone who can merge the art of drawing by hand with the use of technology
  • Step 2) Overlay hand-drawn elements with your photo in a software program (such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator)
  • Step 3) Adjust for 2D scaling, add elements, finalize the digital drawing, then export