Sponsor UtahRC

Each of the different types of sponsorships directly help UtahRC and ultimately help us achieve our Vision; “To bring together fellow R/C hobbyists, future enthusiasts, shops, clubs, and events throughout Utah and to promote this great hobby.”

Executive Sponsor (Gold)
  • As an Executive Sponsor, your brand will headline and present a particular event or series of events. Your brand logo will appear at the top of all event flyers and communications. Our hope is that this type of support establishes a strong partnership and is mutually beneficial. Financial and possibly product support is anticipated and exact details can be discussed. Only a select few are able to be an Executive Sponsor.
Auction Sponsor (Silver)
  • As an Auction Sponsor, you provide products that we can auction off to help supplement our operational expenses and help us in our Vision. Brands and individuals can help support UtahRC in this way. UtahRC does not collect dues or fees from members like a traditional club. We are a community of enthusiasts and fans from many different genres of R/C. As such, we rely on donations to pay for our operational expenses (such as web hosting fees) and to pay for things that help support the R/C community (such as giveaways, club support, decals, etc.).
Event Sponsor (Bronze)
  • This is possibly the most common type of support. As an Event Sponsor, your brand can provide products (or services) that we can giveaway at events, special milestones, or contests. This is a great way to expose your brand and products, and everyone loves a good giveaway!

We greatly appreciate your consideration to support UtahRC! Please email Rod@UtahRC.com if you are interested in any of the above opportunities.