About Us

UtahRC started around the year 2000 and has been growing the Utah R/C community steadily since then. At first the UtahRC Forums were the lifeblood of the R/C community and consisted mainly of R/C cars and trucks. In early 2014 we began actively using social media and by mid 2014 we rebranded UtahRC with a new logo, and established our Goal and Vision. In mid 2016 we teamed up with existing groups to create sub-groups of UtahRC to specialize in the various genres of R/C such as drifting, crawling, off-road racing, on-road racing, etc. These sub-groups allow enthusiasts and hobbyists to collaborate with like-minded community members. It is our hope that we can continue to grow the local R/C community and be “the best place to go for anything R/C related in Utah.”

Our Goal and Vision

Goal: To be the BEST place to go for anything R/C related in Utah!
Vision: To bring together fellow R/C hobbyists, future enthusiasts, shops, clubs, and events throughout Utah and to promote this great hobby.

Support and Sponsor

UtahRC does not collect dues or fees from members like a traditional club. We are a community of enthusiasts and fans from many different genres of R/C. As such, we rely on donations to pay for our operational expenses (such as web hosting fees) and to pay for things that help support the R/C community (such as giveaways, club support, decals, etc.). We welcome any financial support that you are able to offer.

We offer 3 different types of sponsorships; Executive Sponsor, Auction Sponsor, and Event Sponsor. Click here to learn more about these opportunities.

Personal donation can be made here –> paypal.me/utahrcdonations UtahRC

Our Websites and Sub-Groups

Website: www.UtahRC.com

UtahRC Crawling and Rock Racing: www.facebook.com/groups/UtahRCCrawlingandRockRacing

Contact Us

If you would like to contact us, please send an email to Rod@UtahRC.com.